Sometimes life just sucks!!!

I don’t even know where to start. Some real life stuff is happening and I am fighting such deep anger. We (my husband and I) are being attacked in every direction. My step-daughter, whom I love dearly, is battling with her mother right now to regain custody of her 10 year old daughter. Our granddaughter was going to live with us for the school year to help out her mom and fiancé until they were able to get into a bigger house. They have 5 kids all together. Our daughter’s mother decided to keep our granddaughter after a visit. Now we are in a huge custody battle. She is saying all kinds of evil things against us. Please play for my family during this time. Our plates are full and Im still in school trying to finish my bachelors degree,while being a wife, mom, grandma and student, and this is very painful for my husband as this is his daughter and granddaughter we are fighting for and his ex we are dealing with. My family appreciates it very much.


17 thoughts on “Sometimes life just sucks!!!

  1. Keeping your good character through this is vital! Well done for trying not to let the enemy pull you into fear and anger. Trust that God will solve the situation exactly as He has planned as long as you give Him control. The courts will see through her lies as God will shine a light on them for all to see. I am sending prayers of strength your way! God bless you all through these trials!

  2. rolerrol says:

    That is a lot of pressure but know that I will be praying for you. A word I would encourage you with is in Psalm 34:19 and it says,
    Many evils confront the [consistently] righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all.

    The bible is clear about the amount of “evils” that we will face. The “evils” are MANY but the Lord delivers us out of them ALL!!
    That is the God we serve.
    May that help you in this time.
    God bless.


  3. My wife and I will be praying for you and yours…be encouraged!

  4. paperthinhymn says:

    Sounds like a terribly difficult time. I will be praying for you

  5. I will go to my room right now and pray. Thanks for letting us know so we can uplift you in prayer… ~ Wendy

  6. kenstewart says:

    Praying for you. If you can find the time (I can see you’re REALLY busy!) try to get hold of a recording of Graham Cooke on “stillness,” “rest,” or some similar topic. He went through something as devasting about 3 years ago, and has powerful words about the value of the battle and the use of REST as a WEAPON! Blessings.

  7. kenstewart says:

    If you can find the time (I can see you’re REALLY busy!) try to find a recording of Graham Cooke teaching on something like “stillness” or “rest.” He went through something as devastating in 2009, as well as quite a number of other trials in his life, and has a powerful word on the purpose of the battle and the value of REST as a WEAPON. I find listening to a lot of his teaching that main themes resonate, so you will definitely find something of value in most any teaching you can find. Blessings! We are praying for you!

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