Saying goodbye…

We said goodbye to another friend on Nov. 2nd. Him and his wife were a part of our homeless family when we were homeless. They had finally gotten off the streets and gotten sober in Jan. of this year. Bret was in dire need of a new liver but knew his chances of getting one were slim to none. He went in for heart surgery to patch a hole and put a couple of stints in some blocked valves about 4 wks. ago. Surgery went well but he had a bleed somewhere so was opened back up. He never woke back up completely. He was on the respirator for all but a few days. His kidneys failed, his lungs collapsed, then he started bleeding again, finally he got pneumonia.
All the while his wife was by his side. She clung on to hope. She had a hard time understanding what the doctors were talking about and didn’t know what questions to ask. She had only 2 friends that would visit Bret in ICU and 1 or 2 friends that were there for her exclusively. She struggled to make decisions about what measures she should or shouldn’t take. Her and Bret never talked about a death plan. They were together for 20 yrs. and all but this last year was homeless and drunk. Christine finally had to choose wether or not to take him off life support. The hardest decision she has ever had to make. Bret told her before he went into surgery that he had his teeth fixed, now his heart was getting fixed and he was ready to go to heaven. Yes, he was saved. So he has gone home to be with Jesus. Christine is struggling and as far as I know hasn’t had a drink. I don’t want to see her end up back out on the street. Please pray for her.
During this time, my husband and I have thought about two things in particular. First, how grateful we are for our health. We are immensely blessed and don’t deserve to be as healthy as we are because of the lifestyle we led in the past. Truly, if you knew everything, you would understand when I say we are walking-talking miracles. The second and because of the first thought, why does God bless some with good health and not others? How does He choose which ones get to live and which ones get to die? I mean really? Please don’t get me wrong! WE ARE GRATEFUL! I just wonder how I get to be one of the lucky ones and I know it’s not about luck… It’s about Grace… Much Grace.

5 thoughts on “Saying goodbye…

  1. Sue says:

    I am so sorry for your loss, and will pray for Christine. I, too, struggle with the issue of why some survive and others don’t. My daughter is a cancer survivor and we watched many children struggle with chemo and disease while she seemed to breeze thru her treatment program (as much as one can breeze thru chemo). Many of those families had to bury their children as well. I think it’s called “survivors guilt”.

    There is a very good book that touches on this subject called “Night” by Elie Wiesel. He is a Holocaust survivor and his book talks about his experiences and feelings during his ordeal.

    Bottom line is that we don’t always get to have the answers from God but must instead trust our Heavenly Father. I also believe that we must not squander our blessings or ignore them, but invest them for His glory. Not an easy task and I fail often becuase I forget to rely on the Holy Spirit, and take the tasks on under my own strength. But His grace is sufficient, praise God.

  2. The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away. May the name of the Lord be praised.

  3. I believe you have been saved to spread the message you are spreading. I am praying for you, your husband, and Christine!

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