Grief II

My dad is home. We met with hospice. Family keeps coming. I am exhausted physically and emotionally. And yet… God is still on the throne and very much in control. I’m still hoping for a miracle but more than anything I want God’s will. I know my dad has been praying for the last year for The Lord to take him home. He’s been in pain and at times can’t take care if himself and that really bothers him. Looking at him right now you wouldn’t know he was dying. He can still laugh and crack jokes. I’m a little afraid of hospice coming in and taking over but the nurse today was really kind. Thank you all for your continued prayers.

5 thoughts on “Grief II

  1. nonoymanga says:

    owe hope he get well soon

  2. This is such a difficult and confusing time emotionally. What you are experiencing is pretty much par for the course. It is so hard to come to terms with the inevitability of the dark cloud of the looming death of a loved one.

    Hospice is God’s blessing in this situation. They are the most kind, gentle and caring staff , and they will not only ease your father’s passing, but envelope you and your family with love and understanding, support and guidance. This is their job. And they fulfil this role expertly. You’re in good hands. Accepting that they are necessary brings with it a sense of panic simply because their presence makes the inevitability of your father’s illness a reality.

    When my youngest aunt died (she was like an older sister to me) I hadn’t had the privilege of accompanied her on her lengthy journey through her illness. I was visiting from oversees and hadn’t seen her in 11 years… seeing her condition brought to me an anxiety, a feeling of helplessness and mostly disbelief that the magnificent human body can be defeated and overcome with sickness. ‘Is there really illness that medical science can defeat in this day and age?’ I had to work through this question to eventually accept this. It took a long while.
    Her daughter was her carer long before Hospice became involved. The little I did experience of their caring for Elaine and the family will stay with me forever. It ignited a little flame inside me to learn more about palliative care and the process of dying. It made me realise just how precious the time before death is. For the person who is dying and those that are on the outside looking in.

    Believe it or not this is a very special time for your father and your family. You will treasure this time in the future.

    Caring , in Christ.

  3. What I meant to write was…‘Is there really illness that medical science cannot defeat in this day and age?

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